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Speedrunner sets new world record for ‘Super Mario Bros.’



super mario
First released in 1985,
Nintendo’s “Super Mario Bros.” was an instant


  • Kosmicd12, a video game speed runner, set a new world record
    by completing “Super Mario Bros.” in 4:55.913

The simple fun of Super Mario Bros. made it an instant classic
when it hit the original Nintendo in 1985, but over the years,
players dedicated to beating the game as fast as possible have
turned it into a sweet science. Yesterday one gamer managed to
set a world record after completing “Super Mario Bros.” in 4
minutes and 55.913 seconds, beating the previous record by less
than one second.

Kosmicd12, a speed runner on Youtube and Twitch, completed the
game on a standard Nintendo console with a regular controller,
using a number of exploits and previously known tricks to skip
through the game. 

Kosmicd12 had held the world record in the past, but after this
run he said it may not be possible to get the time any lower than

Then again, that’s what was once said about running a
4-minute mile. 

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