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Be the host with the most. These are the most comfortable air mattresses for overnight guests.


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Best Budget Pick

Mpow Queen Air Mattress

The Mpow Air Mattress is an extremely affordable air bed option that still provides the comfort and convenience features your overnight guests will appreciate.

In a perfect world you’ll have a big, comfy bed ready for every overnight guest. But most of us don’t have that kind of space (and money), so our visiting out-of-towners will have to settle for a spot on the good ol’ sofa. A good air mattress, however, can change your hosting game. Many air mattress models today offer the perks of a comfy, full-size instant bed with features like pillow-top layers, while still offering the convenience of easy, compact storage.

But how do you choose an air mattress that will impress sleepover friends and vacationing family? First, consider size. Air mattresses follow the same sizing rules as traditional mattresses, but variations in firmness based on their level of inflation can make them feel smaller, according to the . If you typically host more than one guest at a time (and if you have enough space both in the room and in your storage closet), it’s a good idea to go with a full or queen size, instead of a twin. 

Also, think about your guests. A basic air mattress that sits low on the ground may be good enough for your buddies, but older guests (your grandparents, for example) probably have more difficulty getting down onto the floor, so they would appreciate a thicker, raised—and yes, pricier—air mattress.

And then consider your lung power. Should you go for a self-inflating air mattress or standard blow-it-up-yourself mattress? Let’s face it: blowing up a mattress is not easy — have you tried blowing up a beach ball recently? And imagine taking all that time to blow up a mattress, while your jet-lagged friends are just ready to go to sleep. Air mattress models that plug into an outlet in order to inflate (and later deflate) by themselves in minutes may be more expensive, but we think this feature is definitely worth the extra cost.

So let us help send your guests off to dreamland. Here are our top picks for best air mattresses you can buy.

Inflates/deflates in minutes • Folds easily and neatly into included bag • Super comfortable • Great customer service

Pump can be loud while inflating

This ultra-comfortable, durable, convenient air mattress is the perfect solution when you have overnight guests or just need an instant bed.

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Size Air Mattress

The SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress offers comfort and easy-pump convenience that makes it a dreamy choice for holiday hosting.

  • Dimensions:
    78 x 58 x 19 inches
  • Weight Capacity:
    Up to 500 pounds
  • Pump:
    One-click built-in pump
  • Bag Included:
Your overnight guests will rest easy with the , our top overall pick. It’s one of the most comfortable inflatable mattresses around, remaining flat and firm all throughout use. 
The raised 19-inch height also helps up the comfort factor on this air mattress. It is easy to climb onto, especially important for guests who get up multiple times in the middle of the night to raid your fridge. The extra thick, waterproof flocked top also earns this mattress extra comfort points. Don’t be surprised if your guests think they’re actually sleeping on a traditional box spring bed instead of a mattress on the floor.
And the Dream Series Air Mattress couldn’t be easier to set up. One click and the internal pump inflates (and deflates) the mattress in four minutes. It even stays inflated for days, but if you need to re-adjust, it can be topped off easily and quickly. The mattress, which is , comes with a carry bag for easy transport and storage.
But best of all? This mattress is durable even after several uses. Customers also have glowing things to say about SoundAsleep’s customer service.  
Amazon reviewer writes:

“We bought this mattress based on a recommendation from a neighbor as we are always looking for good sleeping options for guests in our small NYC apartment. The mattress was more comfortable than our pull out couch and was good for my parents who have a hard time with shorter mattresses. My husband and I also slept on it for a few nights and found it comfortable. However, as nice as the mattress is, the customer service is even better!! Our pump broke down unexpectedly after a couple weeks of using it and I reached out to the company to see about a fix and Marc was SO responsive and made a suggestion to help immediately fix the problem. When that didn’t work, he shipped out a new mattress immediately – we literally received it the next day! Every email/call was returned immediately, I felt very taken care of! Highly recommend!”

Insulation keeps you warm • Folds up compactly • Firm and comfy

Heading on outdoor adventures? This air mattress will provide comfort and warm insulation wherever you choose to camp.

2. REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Queen Air Bed

Keep warm, cozy and ultra-comfortable while camping outdoors with the REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Bed.

  • Dimensions:
    79 x 56 x 6 inches
  • Weight Capacity:
    Up to 600 pounds
  • Pump:
    Manual air pump included
  • Bag Included:
REI pretty much corners the market when it comes to outdoor gear, so it’s no surprise that their gets rave reviews as a quality, convenient pick for overnight camping.
This air mattress provides cushy comfort, its plush material protecting you from the cold, hard, uneven ground. Of course it includes a manual air pump rather than an easier built-in, one-click pump, so you can use it outdoors, but it’s equipped with a simple, one-way inflation valve to keep air from leaking during setup. A separate deflation valve also lets you dump air quickly.
And because camping can leave you a little vulnerable to the elements, this air mattress features internal insulation to help keep you comfortable in temperatures down to 40 degrees F. Goodbye, sleeping pad. With this air mattress, camping has never been so cozy.
Kingdom Insulate Air Bed user writes on

“As a person who always gets cold camping, I need a good insulated mattress. I slept on top of a mountain pass with the Kingdom Air Bed, and it lived up to expectations for keeping me off the ground and warm. The surface is very soft, as advertised, and comfortable to lie on. Even with two people sleeping on it, the bed is quiet and steady compared to other air mattresses I’ve tried, so you don’t get woken up when the person next to you moves around. When pumped up well, it is firm enough that you don’t even really know it’s full of air. It maintains its firmness well throughout the night, without any sagging, and it didn’t pop even with an excited pup running all over it. It’s also nice to have a full-length mattress compared to sleeping pads where your feet are always hanging off a bit.”

Soft pillow top for mattress-like feel • Handheld firmness adjuster • Anti-microbial properties

Slight odor upon unboxing

If you’re looking for that luxurious, real mattress feel, the AeroBed Luxury Pillow Top Air Mattress is the best choice.

Your guests won’t be counting sheep with this air mattress. The air mattress offers plush comfort so friends and family can catch some much-needed ZZZs. It’s all thanks to the ultra-soft pillow top that gives this mattress a real-bed feel. 
And this mattress couldn’t be easier to set up and use. The built-in pump inflates the mattress with a touch of a button, and automatically shuts off when bed is fully inflated or deflated. A control wand even lets you easily pick your ideal firmness or softness, so comfort is literally at the palm of your (or your guests’) hand.
We also love that this AeroBed has antimicrobial properties built in to protect the mattress from odor, mold, mildew, and fungus (because, honestly, who wants to sleep next to that icky stuff?); and a 16-inch height that makes it easy to climb onto. Trust us, your friends will appreciate it.
This mattress also comes in a .
Bed Bath and Beyond customer writes:

“I hadn’t planned on my 84-year-old mother-in-law sleeping on this but she tried it out and opted for it over a perfectly good regular mattress. If she can sleep comfortably on it, just about anyone could. Easy to inflate/deflate. Liked the hand-held firmness adjuster. Makes getting the right firmness so easy!”

Built-in pump inflates and deflates in minutes • Raised height • Budget-friendly • Quiet when changing positions

Fitted sheets tend to slip off • Some reviewers have reported slight leaking

This is a great air mattress, with comfort and convenience features, for the price.

4. Mpow Queen Air Mattress

The Mpow Air Mattress is an extremely affordable air bed option that still provides the comfort and convenience features your overnight guests will appreciate.

  • Dimensions:
    80 x 60 x 19 inches
  • Weight Capacity:
    Up to 600 pounds
  • Pump:
    Built-in pump
  • Bag Included:
A look at the features of the and you’ll notice that they’re similar to our top pick, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress. They have similar dimensions (the Mpow is just a little bit bigger), both have built-in pumps, and an elevated 19-inch height. And while SoundAsleep’s customer service and durability gave their mattress the edge, the Mpow wins when it comes to affordability.
At less than $100, the Mpow air mattress offers premium features such as a built-in pump that inflates and deflates the mattress in minutes, a flocked top, and integrated power cord storage.It also has non-slip bottom to prevent the mattress from slipping around on the floor, and comes with a storage bag so you can easily stash it away once your guests have gone.
A nifty bonus: Four repair patches are included in your purchase in case you need to mend damaged areas. Your purchase also comes with an 18-month warranty.
Amazon reviewer writes:

“I bought this mattress to use while visiting family in Oregon. After looking at reviews and several other air mattresses I settled on this one. I’m glad I did. It only took about 5-6 minutes to inflate and about the same amount of time to deflate. It is loud while inflating. Once inflated and we figured out how much more/less air we needed to be comfortable, it worked out great. We used it for 7 nights, each night inflating it and deflating it each morning. It sits about 2 feet off the ground, which was perfect for us. Easy to get on and off in the middle of the night without waking the other person… It’s a heavy mattress even when deflated, but travels nicely when folded right. The only downside that I found was that the cover for the plug has to stay open while plugged in. We did leave it plugged in all night in case we needed to adjust it, and on the 2nd night, when I got up, I accidently hit the cover to the plug and it broke off. Just the cover is broke off. I highly recommend the mattress.”

Headboard offers support while watching TV or reading • Raised height • Pillow-top surface

Reviewers have reported some bulging in the seams

You’ll enjoy great features on this affordable mattress, including a built-in headrest that offers support while lounging and keeps pillows in place.

We’ll admit it. An air mattress doesn’t really need a headboard. But it’s a nice touch. This features a plush headboard that makes the mattress comfortable for more than just sleeping. The headboard can be used for back support while reading or watching TV, and also works as a pillow stopper while sleeping, keeping your pillows from falling onto the floor.
But we also love this AirBed’s 18-inch raised height, which provides easier access onto and off the bed, the built-in electric pump that inflates and deflates the mattress with the switch of a button. Its pillow-top layer also gives the AirBed a cushioned, bed-like feel. Your overnight guests will be ever grateful.
Walmart reviewer writes:

“Finally a great air mattress! I have tried them all and this one far exceeds expectations. I thought the headboard would be hokey but it’s cool. You can sit up in the bed and it holds your pillow on the bed. This bed is comfortable, holds air for many days before needing a few second fill. Filling the bed is quick and the fill is at the foot of the bed… Bought this mattress for camping originally but after the first night camping, I quickly made it my indoor bed! I was having trouble sleeping partly because I broke my ankle and was using another Intex mattress so I could sleep in the living room and be closer to the ground. Act

ually I bought 3 maybe 4 other air mattresses, some were too hard some had deep horizontal ridges, some had vertical ridges and were just not comfortable for my ankle… Then when I purchased this one with the headboard did not expect much… but it was WONDERFUL! That is why it is my indoor bed now… Mattress is perfectly high off the ground, you can sit on the edge and put on socks and get up off the bed with ease and that was / is important with the broken ankle… So, quit wasting your money – get this mattress and be happy! Camping or for home – It’s the greatest mattress.”

Good elevation off the ground • Side tables allows you to keep belongings nearby • Under-bed storage

Frame is heavy • Can be noisy when moving positions

With the steel-frame cot, the Coleman Airbed Cot rests off the ground for the real-bed experience.

6. Coleman Airbed Cot

  • Dimensions:
    78 x 59 x 2 inches
  • Weight Capacity:
    Up to 600 pounds
  • Pump:
    Battery-operated pump included
  • Bag Included:
For when you want the mattress to be completely off the ground, the is just the ticket. The mattress rests on a steel frame cot, so no part of the mattress even touches the ground, for that elevated, real-bed experience, even when camping.
And it’s easy to get the all-night support and comfort you need from this mattress. Just connect the included battery-operated pump to the valve for easy inflation. Once you find the perfect firmness, its AirTight helps keep the mattress leak-free. And don’t worry about the mattress slipping off the cot. A sewn-in cover keeps the airbed in place on the strong steel frame. 
You’ll notice that there’s also something very unique about this airbed cot. Yes, it comes with built-in “side tables” with cup holders. Very convenient if you’re someone who needs to have a cup of water, your phone, or reading material nearby. And once camping is over, everything folds up quick and easy for easy storage.
Amazon customer  writes:

“This is perfect to take camping. Because of health and hip problems, I can’t sleep on the ground when camping, and normal camp cots are still too low to the ground, for me. This cot, with the accompanying airbed that you insert to the attached bed cover, is the height of a regular bed. With the air pump, that comes with the bed, you can pump the air to your own satisfaction, and even be able to close up the plug without any air leaking out (as some plugs do if not closed fast enough)… It was easy to both set it up and take it down, and fits nicely into the bag that comes with it… It was great to have the little table insert by my head for my glasses, water bottle, and meds (that are normally on my nightstand by my bed). It doesn’t take up any extra space that a sleeping bag doesn’t take up on it’s own, and, since the bed is raised, it actually saves on space since you can stow bags away underneath the cot.”

Integrated USB charger for devices • Tall height • Comfy pillow-top layer

Guests will appreciate the luxurious features of this air mattress, which include a USB charger port and extra elevation.

Need to have your phone or tablet nearby at all times even while in bed? We won’t judge. AeroBed clearly recognizes the need to have gadgets fully powered and charged with this comfy air mattress that comes with a built-in USB charger.
But that’s just one of the perks of this luxurious mattress. The has a convenient 24-inch, four-layer, elevated height (your guests won’t even feel like they’re sleeping on your floor), and is topped with an ultra-soft pillow layer for a plush feel. 
The best part? It comes with an integrated pump that inflates and deflates the mattress in mere minutes, and with a touch of a button. And included and-held control wand also lets you adjust firmness easily and quickly. 
Bed Bath and Beyond customer writes:

“We have a very small home so I love that I don’t have to use space in our office/guest room with a bed. Tried a wall bed, lost closet space. Tried a futon, lost even more space. This is the perfect alternative! Very comfortable and warm with a memory foam topper, I’d heard they could be cold without. Only issue I have is keeping the top sheet in place but I’m going to sew a top sheet to the fitted sheet at the bottom and problem will be solved. Love this bed!”

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