Playstation ClassicThe PlayStation Classic is small enough to hold in your hand.Playstation/Flickr

  • Following the wildly successful lead of Nintendo’s Classic Edition mini game consoles, Sony is releasing the PlayStation Classic on December 3.
  • The mini console is shaped like a PlayStation 1, and comes packed with 20 classic PlayStation 1 games — no discs required.
  • After spending a week with the console, I’ve got mixed feelings about the PlayStation Classic.

At just $100, it’s hard to say no to the PlayStation Classic. 

On paper, it’s a pretty appealing proposition: a miniature version of the PlayStation 1, with 20 games and two controllers, for $100. It’s an easy sell to millions of my fellow millennials, who either experienced the launch of the PlayStation 1 firsthand in 1995 as a pre-teen (like me!) or saw it as a “retro” console in childhood. 

The reality is far less appealing: It’s a retro console that feels bare-bones and rushed, even at that low price.

I’ve spent the last week or so with the PlayStation Classic. Here’s what I love and don’t love about it: