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Sony noise-cancelling, wireless headphones on sale for $70 off



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Cut the bullshit out with Sony's noise-cancelling headphones — now for less than half the price of the Bose Quiet Comfort.
Cut the bullshit out with Sony’s noise-cancelling headphones — now for less than half the price of the Bose Quiet Comfort.

Image: sony

You don’t have to be an audiophile to know that headphones without noise cancellation are kind of pointless.

What good does booming bass or sweet highs and lows do when it’s competing with construction outside or a raging toddler two seats away?

If you’re craving some peace and quiet (but could do without Bose’s $349 price tag), these noise-cancelling wireless headphones from Sony are a great choice — and $70 off at Walmart.

The Sony WHCH700N Wireless Headphones are optimal for quite literally any lifestyle. Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation scopes out your surroundings and adjusts the sounds for optimal ranges wherever you are — because noise cancellation on an airplane isn’t the same as noise cancellation when walking through Times Square, Sony’s I Headphones Connect app also lets you adjust details manually, and even lets you simulate the sound of an outdoor stage, club, hall, or arena.

Walmart customer TravisJ writes:

“These headphones are awesome. Right out of the box, getting connected and listening to music is seamless. I recommend downloading the app as it has steps to get you connected as well as equalizer settings and toggles for noise canceling as well as other features, but I will stress, it’s not required for use.

For me, personally, I’m not some huge audio nut who breaks down every pitch and note and criticizes it. It sounds great. The surround sound is very nice for movies, music sounds fantastic, and if you like some bass (I do), it has that too.   If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones with all day battery, minimum ear fatigue, and sound you can be happy with, these should be in your cart!”

With battery life up to 50 hours (depending on whether you go wireless or use the headphone jack), you can feel safe that you’ll never have to hear a screaming kid again.

Regularly $198, you can save $70 and grab yours for $128.

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