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Snag an origami-style smartphone stand on sale for 40% off



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Image: FODI

Originating in ancient Japan as a ceremonial practice based on paper’s status as a luxury good, the art of origami, or paper folding, has recently given way to a host of technological breakthroughs. In 2015, MIT researchers debuted a teeny, self-assembling origami robot that could be ingested in the form of a meltable pill and controlled magnetically from outside a person’s body. The invention could transform the medical field once it’s perfected, with experts hoping doctors can one day use the robots to “deliver medicine, patch wounds, and remove foreign objects from the body,” according to Forbes

NASA has also been exploring new uses for origami, but on a much, much larger scale: Last year, it launched a crowdsourcing campaign for origami patterns for a new folding radiation shield. 

The FODI Origami Multi-Purpose Device Stand may not be as revolutionary as the aforementioned projects, but it’s still pretty cool. Made of environmentally-friendly PP and PVC, an assembled FODI can hold an impressive 44 pounds; it’ll have no problem supporting your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. When you need to get up and go, the FODI folds away quickly and neatly into an ultra-thin sheet that you can tuck into your backpack or between the pages of a book.

If the portability and versatility of the FODI have you impressed, you’re in luck: For the next few days, its Black Marble, Bamboo, White Marble, and Walnut styles are on sale in the Mashable Shop for just $14.99 — 40% off the original price of $25.

If you’d like to save an extra 15% — and who wouldn’t? — be sure to enter the coupon code “BOO15” at checkout.

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