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Sinemia has a better plan than MoviePass and AMC



MoviePassHollis Johnson/Business

  • MoviePass competitor Sinemia was found to have the most
    popular plan among moviegoers in a new survey from the National
    Research Group. 
  • The plan in question is $7.99 a month for two movies at
    any theater, but the service offers other plans, as
  • Theater-specific plans like AMC Stubs A-List were
    favored less in the survey, but A-List still gained over
    260,000 members in less than two months.


Moviegoers interested in theater subscription services are
quickly losing their patience with MoviePass, and that’s
reflected in a new survey from the National Research Group. 

NRG found that Sinemia, a MoviePass competitor, has the most
attractive plan in a survey that polled 1,558
moviegoers in August. 41 percent of respondents who are currently
subscribed to a theater service or are interested in doing so
indicated that they would be “very likely to subscribe” to a
model like Sinemia’s $7.99-a-month plan for two movies at any

MoviePass’ new plan — $9.95 for three movies a month — came
in second with 33 percent of the moviegoers surveyed saying they
were very likely to subscribe. Theater-chain specific plans, like
A-List and Cinemark Movie Club, didn’t fare as well at 23 percent
and 16 percent, respectively.

MoviePass is in the process of transitioning to its new
plan, and in the meantime, is limiting the number of movies
subscribers can see daily. It also began transitioning annual
to the new monthly plan over the weekend, which
has caused complications for some who wanted to

The survey found that nearly half of MoviePass subscribers were
considering canceling
, and less than half were satisfied with
the service, which is a sharp contrast to NRG’s first survey in
April. That found 83 percent of MoviePass users more satisfied
with it than other subscription services like Netflix.

This could be good news for Sinemia, which has been overshadowed
by MoviePass’ sudden surge in popularity and the complications
that have come from it. Sinemia is currently offering a “summer sale” with plans ranging from $3.99 a
month for one movie to $14.99 a month for three movies, which
includes premium screenings like IMAX.

But while AMC Stubs A-List was less
popular among moviegoers in the NRG survey, the service has still
garnered over 260,000 members since its
launch in June. The plan is $19.95 a month, and allows
subscribers to see three movies a week at AMC Theatres, and
includes premium screenings and discounts on concessions.

With MoviePass’ problems and other options available, it’s
becoming clear that more and more moviegoers are considering
making a switch if they haven’t already.

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