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Shore up your digital defense with 25% off all Ivacy VPN plans




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Ivacy VPN and West Ham United
Ivacy VPN and West Ham United

Image: Ivacy VPN

and West Ham United FC, the London-based Premier League football club, are joining forces to prove that defense matters — on and off the field. The partnership is aimed at creating cybersecurity awareness and offering reliable internet solutions that keep you safe and secure online. And hey, if Harry Potter and Severus Snape could make it work for the greater good, this alliance may just defeat the forces of evil, too.

VPN or bust

Internet commandments should start with this one: thou shalt not browse without using a VPN. Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN grants you an ultra-secure connection and renders you anonymous while online, so your private data won’t be seen by prying eyes. 

Military-grade encryption

is a state of the art VPN with award-winning encryption technology. This VPN service delivers up to 256-bit military-grade encryption, which makes your browsing activity and personal data virtually impenetrable. No matter where you’re connected, whether on public or private Wi-Fi, Ivacy works hard to mask your IP address and reroute your internet traffic through an encrypted virtual tunnel. It also promises a strict no-log policy, meaning no one but you can access your online activity. 

West Ham United’s official VPN partner

To celebrate the Ivacy and West Ham partnership, is currently offering everyone who believes in a strong online defense a 25 percent discount on all plans. Each plan comes with a no-strings-attached 30 money-back guarantee. Head to claim your exclusive discount.

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