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Sennheiser headphones are on sale for up to $180 off at Amazon



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Order before Dec. 18 to ensure that they arrive by Christmas Eve.
Order before Dec. 18 to ensure that they arrive by Christmas Eve.

Image: sennheiser/mashable photo composite

Bose and Beats are two of the biggest names in the audio world right now — but any veteran audiophile knows that there’s one huge name that completes the headphone trifecta. 

We’re talking about Sennheiser: the Holy Grail of meaty, balanced sound.

And while Bluetooth headphones are forever in the spotlight, it’s time for someone else to steal the show for once: Hardcore movie people can save $60 on the Sennheiser RS 120 RF Wireless Headphones (charging dock included), and audiophiles who are still clinging to the headphone jack can save $181 on the infamous Sennheiser HD 650 Professional Headphones.

Being a picky listener shouldn’t mean that you should have to give up your wired headphones. But in today’s Bluetooth-obsessed market, it sometimes feels like we don’t have a choice. Thanks to Sennheiser, pro-headphone jack audiophiles don’t have to resort to old, pre-Bluetooth models: The HD 650 Over-Ear Professional Headphones were crafted with a specially-designed acoustic silk and a Neodymium ferrous magnet system to sense your environment and offer perfect sound in response. Sound this accurate and transparent will have you feeling like you’re at a live concert — but if you’re (somehow) not impressed, there’s a handy two-year warranty.

Regularly $499.95, you can save $180.95 and get them for $319

There are regular audiophiles, and then there are audiophiles who care about sound specifically in movies, TV, and gaming. The Sennheiser RS 120 wireless headphones are the ultimate TV-watching companions and are under $70 today (that’s nearly half off). Whether you’re in it for the sound effects, dialogue, or soundtrack, these radio frequency-transmitting headphones offer a whole new watching experience, regardless of your (obnoxious) surroundings. To listen to music, just connect to your laptop and bring up your go-to streaming service — wireless range is up to 300 feet. Like anything else from Sennheiser, sound is balanced and crisp, with bass to make you feel like you’re in the action. A charging dock is included, but with a battery life that lasts 20 hours, you probably won’t need it too often.

Regularly $129.95, you can save $59.05, grab the set for $69.95, and see for yourself why these puppies have over 15,000 positive reviews.

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