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Save up to $200 on the Dyson V11 and Roomba S9+



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Image: irobot

TL;DR: Dyson and iRobot’s newest releases, the V11 Torque Drive and Roomba S9+, are $100 and $200.99 off at Amazon.

Sometimes, “New year, new me” energy just isn’t enough to carry us through January and February. Coming home in the dark at 5 p.m. and feeling like your night is already shot is a good recipe for putting off cleaning for weeks at a time. 

Ease into spring cleaning habits with a new sidekick: A Dyson stick vacuum, which are genuinely fun to use, or one of Roomba’s newest robot vacuums, which empties its own dustbin, could be the answer to a personal space that you feel motivated in. 

The newest releases from Dyson and Roomba are both on sale

A flat-sided Roomba that can actually run along walls without playing bumper cars shouldn’t be groundbreaking. But a good number of complaints about the leading brand are that it mindlessly bumps into walls and circles around the same room over and over. The S9+ uses Perfect Edge technology and a special corner brush to hit those spots that trip up round vacuums, and all of iRobot’s 2019 robot vacuums use a new mapping technique to remember the layout of your home. Also, it empties its own dust bin.

This isn’t the S9+’s lowest price on Amazon ever, but it is notable that it’s only dropped to that price once in history. It has only dropped below $1,399.99 a few times since summer 2019, so saving $200 is still a major steal in our book.

The newest releases from Dyson and Roomba are both on sale

Even Dyson’s lowest-tier stick vacuum (the V7) is more powerful than most competing stick vacuums. The power that the Dyson V11 holds is literally hard to comprehend, and it’s the only contender in the ring for households in which a jumble of kids, pets, and outside dirt or sand are being tracked in. The V11 has 20% more suction than the V10 but will only use its high power mode if it senses that the soil level requires that. This battery-saving feature can be tracked on the V11’s LCD screen.

The Dyson V11 occasionally drops to $497, but your floors could go weeks without a good cleaning if you wait for that deal again. $599 is still a sweet $100 savings off the average price of $699.

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