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Save over $100 on a smart electric toothbrush from Oral B as part of Walmart’s pre-Cyber Monday sale



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Say hello to that just-left-the-dentist feeling every damn day.
Say hello to that just-left-the-dentist feeling every damn day.

Image: oral b

The quest for whiter teeth feels never-ending. “Nah, I don’t want whiter teeth,” said no one ever. 

You could get one of those laser whitening machines that Instagram bloggers shove in your face or you could keep whitening your teeth in pictures with FaceTune  — or you could just get a toothbrush that actually works.

The smart Oral-B Pro 6000 toothbrush is basically the pinnacle of electric toothbrushes — and it’s over $100 off as part of Walmart’s Cyber Monday weekend sale. That’s $89.94 for confidence and the dentist not yelling at you about your brushing habits, and that’s more than good enough for us.

Oral B’s 6000 series truly does the work for you, making teeth brushing a way less annoying daily duty. Oral B claims that it removes 300% more plaque in hard-to-reach spaces than your standard brush, with five spinning modes for daily brushing, gum care, sensitive teeth, whitening, and pro-clean. Oral-B’s other brush heads can be swapped out if you need to concentrate on something more specific like flossing.

It has an app and connects to your phone via Bluetooth (because of course tooth brushes do that now) with visual coaching and a color-changing pressure sensor to let you know the spots you’ve missed, where to spend more time cleaning, and when you’re brushing too hard to protect your gums. 

Regularly $249.97, you can save $160.03 and snag your new electric toothbrush for just $89.94 using Walmart’s instant $20 rebate. (It’s a great stocking stuffer idea, too.)

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