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You can count on these chargers to bring you back to life.
You can count on these chargers to bring you back to life.

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Take stock of the chargers you’ve perused ever since the beginning of the smartphone era, and we can almost guarantee that you’ve gone through countless ones. We get it. Most chargers are shoddy, and the options that seem promising come with questionable price tags.

But we’re here to save you from purchasing another charger that you would just throw out in a matter of months. Below, you’ll find 10 of the best charging accessories that we found this year, all of which are on sale for an extra 20% off with the code 20SAVE20.

Whether you’re using a sleek Samsung or a shiny new iPhone, this charger will boost your device to 100% as long as it’s Qi-compatible. It rids you the hassle of dealing with wires and safeguards your gadgets from damage thanks to short circuit and overheating protection. Typically on sale for $14.99, it’s just $11.99 with the code 20SAVE20.

Refuel your tech collection at record speed with this charger that quickly juices up gadgets up to 10W and up to 5W with standard charging. It has LED lights that alert you of the status — blinking green when charging is taking place and solid green when it’s done. It also comes with a metal bottom that keeps your devices cool. Regularly $25.99, it’s on sale for $12.79 with the code 20SAVE20.

With four ports built-in, this USB wall charger can accommodate your entire tech collection. There are two 1A ports that deliver regular charging and two 2.4A that offer fast boosting. Equipped with Smart IC technology, it automatically identifies the connected devices, satisfying their unique charging requirements accordingly. With the code 20SAVE20, you can get it for $14.39.

Engineered with an impressive 40,000mAh capacity, this power bar can keep your devices powered up and running — including your laptop. It comes with three portable output ports (USB and USB C), so you can refuel your phone, tablet, and laptop simultaneously. Its MSRP is $229.99, but you can score it on sale for $99.99 with the coupon code 20SAVE20.

Why bring multiple wires and deal with cable spaghetti when you can just bring one? This cord is capable of charging two Lightning devices and an Apple Watch all at the same time with its multiple connectors. Right now, you can get your hands on one for $11.99 with the code 20SAVE20.

Designed for your slew of Apple devices, this charging station is specifically made to tend to your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. It can charge all three simultaneously, all while eliminating the radiation and overheating risks typically associated with wireless charging. Formerly $99.99, it’s now on sale for $27.99 with the code 20SAVE20.

Leave one in your bedroom, living room, office, and car, and you still have some spare cables left. This pack treats you to six MFI-certified charging wires, all of which measures 10 feet and durable as they come. With the coupon code 20SAVE20, you can get all six for only $18.40.

This cable’s main selling point is the premium materials it’s made out of — Kevlar fiber core, nylon-braiding, and precision laser welding — elements that ensure its longevity. With an 8-Pin connector built-in, it can charge your Apple devices at maximum speeds. It’s also immune to yanking, twisting, stretching, and dropping. Enter the code 20SAVE20 at checkout and you can get it for only $8.79.

Always on the move? Make sure that you never run out of power with this external battery. It’s equipped with 10,000 mAh capacity and is made of aluminum shell to withstand everyday wear and tear. For a limited time, you can get it for $19.99 with the code 20SAVE20.

A power duo, this bundle features a portable battery and a durable charging cable. The Graphene 5K charger features 5,000 mAh of extra juice and fast charging capabilities, while the Triton Cable accommodates a variety of devices with its Lightning, USB Type-C, and micro USB connectors. Normally retailing for $69.98, the set is on sale for $18.39 with the code 20SAVE20.

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