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Save $50 on the Echo Show *and* get a free Echo Dot



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That Echo Dot is valued at $50, but you'll get it for free through this limited-time deal we found on Amazon.
That Echo Dot is valued at $50, but you’ll get it for free through this limited-time deal we found on Amazon.

Image: Amazon

Want to make your smart home setup even smarter? Check out the Echo Show, the only Alexa-enabled Amazon device with its own touchscreen display. For a limited time, it’s on sale for 18% off its normal retail price, which saves you $50. 

Plus, you’ll get a free Echo Dot smart speaker with your purchase (a $49.99 value). 

While the Echo Show looks sort of like a tablet, its functionality is closer to that of a smart speaker with bonus visual entertainment and resources. 

Upon its initial debut in 2017, Mashable praised the Echo Show, noting it’s a “good marriage of visual and spoken information.”

The second-generation Echo Show now has better audio quality and a larger screen than its predecessor following several design tweaks — i.e., the addition of dual rear-facing speakers with Dolby processing and a vivid 10.1-inch HD display, respectively. 

For her part, Alexa possesses more than 50,000 skills and counting on the Echo Show. You can ask her to see lyrics and album art on Amazon Music, check out the weather forecast, pull up calendars and to-do lists, and play award-winning movies and TV shows on Prime Video or Hulu (provided you have a subscription to the latter). 

And thanks to the Show’s eight microphones and far-field technology, Alexa can hear you even while your favorite tunes are playing.

Head over to Amazon ASAP to get a second-gen Echo Show with a bonus Echo Dot for only $229.99.

No need for the Show’s fancy touchscreen display? No problem: You can get a standalone third-gen Echo Dot on Amazon for just $29.99 — 40% off its MSRP.

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