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Save $20 on this Bluetooth speaker that looks like a tiny retro TV



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Snag yourself a speaker with style.
Snag yourself a speaker with style.

Image: Tivoo

For those of us stuck in the past, there’s an entire faction within the tech industry committed to churning out classic gadgets injected with modern advancements.

One of the most fascinating ones is the Tivoo, a stunning 16×16 LED screen with a powerful 360-degree speaker that looks straight out of the 1950s.

At the intersection of yesteryear and cutting-edge technology, the Tivoo boasts a ton of swanky features in one charming piece of gadgetry. Use it to blast your favorite songs, and you’ll get a matching custom light effect courtesy of the built-in LED panel.

As if that isn’t impressive enough, you can connect it to your phone via the accompanying mobile app, and create your own pixel art and lighting AND your own remixes using the DJ mixer. Uh, Skrillex who?

Tivoo also functions as a sleep-aid with its 24 profiles that feature HQ alpha wave audio tracks and melatonin inducing lighting. But it can also be used the other way around — as in, a smart alarm. It boasts 14 different alarm profiles and supports self-recorded alarms. You can record yourself screaming, and it will pump out the audio first thing in the morning.

It can also alert you with social media notifications by way of visual effects, so you never miss out on an important tweet.

Snag the Tivoo now in your choice of color — white or red — for $79, marked down by $20 from the original price of $99.

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