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SanDisk Ultra II SSD on sale for $130 off at Amazon



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Image: Sandisk

You can buy a brand new computer out of the box, but where’s the fun in that? Building your own PC can be a rewarding and challenging task that gives you a sense of ownership that’s hard to replicate.

You’re going to need something with a killer combo of speed and storage to punctuate the rig, and if you’re smart you’d wait until something was on sale before you pulled the trigger. Good news: today is that day.

The SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive 1TB is available at for $149.99, which is $130 off the original price of $279.99 on Amazon.

It’s a 1TB storage unit, which seems to be the starting average for most high-end devices today, like off-the-shelf laptops and video game consoles. This can ensure that your personal rig will rival the average out-of-box computer.

The real benefit of an SSD is the faster speeds. Because everything is digitized and not working from a disk like an HDD, saves and operational speeds will be faster. This makes for a better experience overall, since there is no such thing as a good, *slow* computer.

Just make sure to act quick if you want to save — we imagine the deal on this SSD will go quick.

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