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Samsung’s best 4K QLED TV is on sale for $1,800 off at Walmart



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Image: Samsung

The 65-inch Samsung Q9F QLED 4K Smart TV is $1,999.99 at Walmart right now, which is a great deal.

It’s worth noting that Walmart likes to be tricky and has the starting price listed at $7,499, while the actual starting price for this TV on Samsung’s website is $3,799.99. That’s still $1,800 off and better than most of the TV deals from Black Friday. Keep reading to find out why. 

Samsung TVs typically offer the best color display on the market, and the Q9 is no exception. But where it outperforms all other Samsung TVs is the HDR. The focus on colors can sometimes overshadow the blacks and whites with some lower model Samsung TVs. The Q9 avoids that entirely and offers HDR that rivals some of the best OLED TVs from LG and Sony thanks to HDR10+. And the 240 blur reduction will ensure the smooth picture, whether you’re watching football or cartoons.

It’s also deceptively easy to set up. The biggest reason for this is the One Connect Box. Instead of building the inputs into the TV and making it bulkier in the back, the One Connect Box provides all the video and audio inputs in a separate box. The box itself connects to the TV via the One Invisible Connection cable with no loss of video or audio quality. This means the Q9 could be mounted more flush to the wall and you won’t have to worry about possibly blocking the inputs.

Saving $1,800 on Samsung’s best 4K TV speaks for itself, so act quick if you want the best of the best in your home theater.

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