Galaxy Note 9Tony Villas-Boas/Business Insider

The Galaxy Note 9 is here — but is it an upgrade from last year’s Galaxy Note 8? 

In several ways, yes: the Galaxy Note 9 has a bigger battery, some advanced camera features, and more starting storage. It also comes with a more advanced S Pen that can be used as a remote (which, if you buy the blue version of the Galaxy Note 9, comes in bright yellow). 

The Galaxy Note 9 is also bigger, heavier, and costs at least $70 more than last year’s model, putting it on par with the iPhone X as one of the most expensive smartphones you can buy.

But the Galaxy Note 9 also has a very similar overall design to the Galaxy Note 8, the same camera from a hardware standpoint as last year’s model, and identical features like wireless fast charging and a nearly edge-to-edge display.

So whether you’re considering upgrading from the Galaxy Note 8, or you’re trying to decide between the two phones — after all, the Galaxy Note 8 is still an excellent phone and now has a reduced price tag — here are all the ways the Galaxy Note 9 differs from the Galaxy Note 8.