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Samsung announces Galaxy Fold foldable phone priced at $1,9



Behold, the Galaxy Fold.
Behold, the Galaxy Fold.

Image: screenshot: samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold foldable phone is here and it looks absolutely insane.

At its big Unpacked event on Wednesday, Samsung finally showed the Galaxy Fold in full, unfolding its 4.6-inch display into a 7.3-inch tablet.

Samsung called the Galaxy Fold a “luxury” device and well…at $1,980 when it comes out on April 26, it really isn’t for the everyday person.

It’ll be available in four different colors and Samsung says customers will even be able to customize the hinge color.

About that hinge… it’s the prettiest we’ve seen on any foldable phone (concept or not). It definitely didn’t look “crunchy.”

The phone folded up.

The phone folded up.

“It’s a smartphone, tablet, and camera,” Samsung’s Justin Denison said during the Unpacked keynote.

Samsung showed off how the unfolded screen could be used to display three apps at once.

Multitasking is about to get real.

Multitasking is about to get real.

Here we've got Google Maps stretched across the 7.3-inch unfolded screen.

Here we’ve got Google Maps stretched across the 7.3-inch unfolded screen.

Specs for the Galaxy Fold

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