Google Pixel 3The Pixel 3.Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

After using Google’s new Pixel 3 for the last several weeks, it’s hard not to want one of my own. The camera is sensational, I like the size and the design, and the newest Android 9.0 operating system feels intuitive and fast. 

There’s only one problem: I’m having a really hard time giving up my iPhone. 

Listen, I’m not an Apple superfan. I like Apple products a lot, and I use them in several different areas of my life. But I currently use an iPhone 6S, not the latest iPhone you can buy, and it’s only the second iPhone I’ve ever owned — before that, I used Android phones. 

So it’s not an Apple obsession that keeps me loyal, and it’s not because I think iPhones are superior to their competitors in every single way. In fact, there are other phones on the market that do some things better than an iPhone. 

But there are a few key reasons I’ve stuck with Apple the last few years…reasons that are making it quite difficult to make the switch. 

Here are the four factors making it tough to give up my iPhone for a Pixel 3: