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Pixel 3 is supposedly available for pre-order from a third-party in China before Google has even announced it



Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 phone has just popped up on an online store.

…well, on a third-party Chinese online retailer’s website that even admits in the store’s listing that the item is not available yet.

Still, the listing on, a popular Chinese internet store, gives us a few new interesting pieces of information.

According to AndroidHeadlines, while images of the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL have leaked online before, the image renders on the store’s listing might be our very first look at both models in both black and white colors, side-by-side, without any phone case blocking off the full view of Google’s latest Android offering.

An image of the Google Pixel 3 as seen on its JD listing.

An image of the Google Pixel 3 as seen on its JD listing.

The listing doesn’t provide too much in terms of specs for the new Pixel 3 phone. In the images, we can see a dual selfie camera and a better view of the Pixel 3 XL’s notch which has been ridiculed online.

The Pixel 3 is listed with a sales price of 4,999 yuan, or $729, on the site. However, it should be noted that the pricing before the release date on a third-party listing isn’t quite an accurate barometer of where the retail cost will land. 

In fact, AndroidHeadlines points out how the listing on a Chinese retailer’s website is surprising, due to the fact that Google has never sold its Pixel or Nexus line of phones in China before. Yet, there it is on JD’s store, available to the Chinese market for pre-order. 

A screenshot of the Google Pixel 3 listing on

A screenshot of the Google Pixel 3 listing on

Let the speculation begin as to whether Google’s attempts to re-enter the Chinese market go beyond a Chinese government censorship-friendly search engine app.

Google will presumably officially unveil the new Pixel 3 line of phones at its announced event on October 9 in New York. The company will start accepting official preorders for the phone soon after. acf1 37a6%2fthumb%2f00001

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