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Pick up a refurbished Nintendo Switch for under £190



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Fun for the whole family.
Fun for the whole family.

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The Nintendo Switch might not be the most powerful console, or have the widest range of playable games, but it’s probably the most versatile device on the market right now.

With the Nintendo Switch, you can get the whole family together and enjoy gaming on the big screen, or play the console on-the-go, without the need for a TV. You really can play anytime and anywhere in handheld mode. It’s this versatility and portability that has made the Switch so popular.

Simply detach a Joy-Con controller from the console and give one to a friend or family member for local multiplayer. You can even link up to eight consoles for local or online multiplayer gaming. It’s all about multiplayer fun with the Switch.

You can now pick up a refurbished Nintendo Switch for just £189 from GAME. That’s over £70 cheaper than a brand-new device, and if you’re worried about the whole refurbished thing, don’t be. Refurbished items have been inspected and tested to make sure they work properly, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

There’s no need to pay full-price when a refurbished Nintendo Switch is available for under £190.


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