san francisco bayview neighborhood silicon valley 61Bayview is one of the last holdouts to the tech and housing boom. But it’s hard to stop the machine.Katie Canales/Business Insider

  • It’s no secret that San Francisco‘s housing crisis is in full swing.
  • It’s caused parts of the city to turn inside out in recent years to accommodate the influx of wealthy tech workers seeking housing in the Bay Area.
  • The neighborhood of Bayview is one of the more recent parts to be ensnarled in the drastic shifts demanded by the region’s real estate plight.
  • Here’s what the neighborhood is like and how it’s changing.

At San Francisco’s southeast corner sits the suburban-like district of Bayview. 

The once predominantly African-American neighborhood largely consists of mom-and-pop shops and is defined by its deep sense of community identity, one that was partly born out of the area’s rich history in the city’s maritime and butcher industries.

But the neighborhood is in the midst of an on-going transformation since being tugged into San Francisco’s housing crisis. Housing developers are constantly clamoring for more space as the booming tech industry continues to create a high demand for living quarters.

But Bayview residents are determined to stand their ground and fend off the negative effects of gentrification snaking its way through other parts of the city.

I spent a day meandering through Bayview to see what it’s all about — and to witness how the most competitive real estate market in the world is affecting the fabric of the community.

Check it out: