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Photos: Hong Kong protests turn violent, weapons and water cannons




Hong Kong pro-democracy protests have escalated into violence on their 12th weekend.

What was planned to be a peaceful march over surveillance concerns on Saturday turned into chaos. Hong Kong police used tear gas for the first time in 10 days, while protestors wielded makeshift weapons, reported Business Insider’s Ellen Cranley.

On Sunday, another clash ensued in which police deployed water cannons for the first time and protestors threw petrol bombs and bricks.

These marches are the latest of several large-scale marches protestors have organized in the past three months, when the movement began to push off an extradition bill that has since been suspended. Protesters have since continued their efforts in an attempt to uphold democracy. Efforts have alternated between being peaceful and violent.

Below, see how this weekend’s most recent Hong Kong developments descended into violence.

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