yemen missile saudi arabia houthi riyadhSaudi Arabia’s missile defense system intercepts several missiles fired from rebel-Houthis.Screenshot via Twitter/Rosie Perper

Israel’s military said on Tuesday that it fired two US-made Patriot missiles at and “intercepted” a Syrian Sukhoi fighter that entered its airspace.

The plane crashed in Syria near the country’s border zone with Israel, and the fate of the pilot is unknown, according to The New York Times. The Syrian jet is thought to be a Russian-made Su-24 or Su-22.

Israel and Syria have a border dispute in the Golan Heights and have squared off in aerial combat before, with Israel earlier this year destroying much of Syria’s anti-air batteries and losing one of its F-16s.

We recently got a chance to see a Patriot system at Fort Bliss.

Here’s what we saw: