As Netflix looks to increase its awards chances, the streaming giant and industry disrupter has butted heads with Hollywood traditionalists and film festivals. But it has also reeled in some of the biggest filmmakers working today, many of whom have won film’s top prize: an Oscar.

Netflix’s only Oscar win so far came this year for Best Documentary for “Icarus,” but its chances are higher than ever entering the 2018-19 awards season. Acclaimed filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, who won a directing Oscar in 2014 for “Gravity” and is also known for “Children of Men,” directed what is expected to be one of Netflix’s biggest theatrical releases ever: “Roma.”

But not every establishment figure has embraced the streamer. Netflix premiered six movies at this year’s Venice Film Festival after pulling out of Cannes because of a new rule that disqualified any film without a theatrical distribution in France. It has also faced the ire of respected filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, who said the streamer only belongs at the Emmys.

Still, Netflix hasn’t let the controversy get in its way. It has worked with “The Social Network” and “Gone Girl” director David Fincher on its original series “House of Cards” and “Mindhunter.” Paul Greengrass, director of “Jason Bourne” and “United 93,” directed the real-life drama “22 July,” which is on Netflix now. And Netflix acquired Andy Serkis’ “Jungle Book” reimagining, “Mowgli,” in July.

Big filmmakers aren’t afraid to do business with Netflix — and those aren’t even the Oscar winners.

Below are 7 Oscar-winning directors who are bringing their talents to Netflix: