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OnePlus 6T launch, new Apple event scheduled for same day



OnePlus 5 Pete Lau
CEO Pete Lau


  • Android phone maker OnePlus scheduled the debut of its next
    phone, the OnePlus 6T, for October 30.
  • Apple on Thursday just announced its next event — it’s also
    on October 30.
  • Poor OnePlus.

OnePlus, the popular Android phone startup out of China, has been
having some terrible luck with scheduling the launch of its
latest product, the OnePlus 6T smartphone.

At first, OnePlus had
reportedly scheduled
its OnePlus 6T event to be on October 17
— but then
moved it to the end of the month
, on October 30, possibly
because Google was holding its big Pixel 3 unveiling just one
week prior, on October 9.

Unfortunately for OnePlus, Apple on Thursday just
announced its next event
— and, you guessed it, there’s
another scheduling conflict.

Apple’s event doesn’t just fall around that
week. It’s scheduled for the exact same day as the OnePlus 6T
unveiling: October 30.

Now, OnePlus and Apple are obviously very different companies,
and their product launches will be different, too: OnePlus is
debuting a phone, while Apple will reportedly show off new iPads
and Mac computers. But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that most of
the attention — from regular people, and the entire tech world —
will belong to Apple, as it always does. Apple is one of the most
valuable companies in the world, and has changed the landscape of
consumer technology many times throughout its 42-year history.
People want to see what Apple is showing off next.

Meanwhile, OnePlus is an excellent story of its own, and has
quietly become one of the best smartphone makers in the world.
Its phones have regularly made our lists of top smartphones you
can buy, and the company will likely unveil another fantastic
phone on October 30. But will people hear about it? Especially
with so many people, particularly in the media, squarely focused
on the Apple event?

As always, timing is everything.

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