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NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s finances, net worth: What we know




While LaPierre’s exact net worth is unknown, one estimate by Celebrity Net Worth has put it at $10 million, based on his NRA salary as disclosed in the organization’s Form 990 filings.

Celebrity Net Worth looks at publicly available information including salaries, real-estate holdings, divorces, record sales, royalties and endorsements, removing estimated taxes, manager’s fees, agent fees, and lifestyle expenses.

In 2017, the most recent year available, NRA paid LaPierre a salary of $1,366,688, plus an additional $67,289 in “other compensation from the organization and related organizations,” according to the company’s 2017 990 tax form. That brings his total compensation that year to $1,433,977.

Five years earlier, in 2012, LaPierre made $974,867 in total compensation.

In 2004, the earliest year the NRA’s 990 forms are available, LaPierre’s salary was $633,823. LaPierre’s income from his books and speaking engagements is unknown.

And LaPierre’s pay wouldn’t necessarily cease if he were to step down from the company.

According to an investigation by The New Yorker, state records show that LaPierre’s contract “provides for consulting services and personal appearances upon the end of his employment, at an annual rate that starts at his currently contracted final base salary and is later reduced.” As in: The exec would continue to make his salary, or close to it, after retirement.

In response to The New Yorker’s reporting, Bill Brewer, a lawyer who represents the NRA, told the publication that the NRA “has serious concerns about the accuracy of this reporting and The New Yorker’s sources. Of course, we cannot comment on privileged communications or personnel matters.”

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