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NOW TV are offering a Sky Sports package deal



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Nobody has the patience for buffering.
Nobody has the patience for buffering.

Image: pexels

Picture the scene: you’ve cancelled all your plans, you’ve got your favourite snacks ready to go, and you’re in the best seat in the house. It’s time to finally watch that movie everyone has been raving about — and the stream lags and buffers. Nightmare.

Selecting the right broadband speed is important, especially when you run the risk of ruining that long-awaited movie night.

Fibre Optic broadband provides average download speeds of 36Mbps, allowing you to download music, play online games and stream live TV with minimal disruptions. NOW TV’s 36Mbps product is called Fab Fibre and it should protect against disappointment. 

You can now get Fab Fibre and Sky Sports for 12 months for just £40 a month — an introductory offer for new broadband customers.

This offer is the cheapest Fibre and Sky Sports deal in the UK, protecting your wallet and your precious movie night.


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