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Up until recently, I was on the fence about the Nintendo Switch.

Apart from the great games, getting a nice little discount on a used unit that’s been refurbished by Nintendo itself helped push me over the edge.

I found Nintendo’s own refurbished standard Switch consoles on eBay for $265, which makes for a $35 discount off the $300 price tag of a brand-new unit. 

After taxes, I paid $281 for the refurbished Switch, versus the $317 I would have paid after taxes on Amazon. That’s a tidy little $36 discount. Those in the US know that taxes can vary, so my particular example might not apply to those outside of Connecticut where I bought the Switch. 

It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s an extra $36 to spend on games or a microSD card to expand on the Switch’s paltry 32GB of onboard storage. I could get this $35 200GB microSD card for tons more games, for example.

All in all, I’m happy I didn’t spend the extra $36 to buy a new Nintendo Switch, which would have felt like $36 wasted after knowing how good the refurbished units are — especially since you get Nintendo’s factory one-year warranty with refurbished units, too. 

And much like my experience with a used MacBook Pro I bought refurbished from Apple itself, it felt like I got my used Nintendo Switch from Nintendo rather than the previous owner. 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Nintendo seems to have raised the price of a refurbished Switch from $265 to $275 on eBay. Still, I’d say it’s worth the discount over buying a brand new model. It really doesn’t seem necessary to buy a brand new model when refurbished units are so good. 

Check out the used Nintendo Switch I bought that was refurbished by Nintendo itself: