Super Mario OdysseyIf Nintendo is the Disney of video games, then consider Super Mario to be Nintendo’s Mickey Mouse.Nintendo

Nintendo is the Disney of video games.

There are plenty of arguments for why this is the case, but the most obvious parallel is Nintendo’s vast library of classic games. Starting with the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the early ’80s and going all the way up to the Nintendo DS and Wii in the early ’00s, Nintendo has a wealth of classic games that people still want to play. 

And, for years, people have clamored for a way to access that library. “Why not offer a Netflix-style subscription service?” they shouted, while throwing money in the general direction of Nintendo’s Kyoto, Japan headquarters. 

Last week, on September 18, Nintendo finally offered just such a service … sort of. 

Behold: Nintendo Switch Online!

Nintendo Switch OnlineNintendo Switch Online has 20 NES games available at launch, including three starring Super Mario.Nintendo

But after a week of using Nintendo’s Netflix-like subscription service, I’m left wanting much, much more than what’s currently available.

Allow me to explain.