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Nintendo Switch bundle deals (UK deal)



TL;DR: There are lots of Nintendo Switch bundle deals available until midnight on Oct. 14 this Prime Day.

Experienced Prime Day and Black Friday shoppers will know that certain items always steal the show during these major events. In recent years, things like 4K TVs and laptops have had their moment in the spotlight, but nothing comes close to the Nintendo Switch. 

This console is still incredibly popular, and whenever deals start the drop, there always seems to be a rush for gamers to get their hands on the goods. Well, we have some good news, because Nintendo Switch bundles are on sale this Prime Day.

The gaming world has been dominated by pre-orders for the PS5 and Xbox One X, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t appetite for the Nintendo Switch. This console gives you three different ways to enjoy your favourite games. 

You can hook the Nintendo Switch up to your TV like a regular console, use it as a hand-held device on the go, or you can play it tabletop using the built-in screen and detachable joy sticks. The Switch is all about adaptability, and that’s a priority for a lot of gamers out there. 

Save on Nintendo Switch bundles in this year’s Prime Day event.

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