hollow knightTeam CherryMost people probably bought their Nintendo Switch for the incredible Nintendo-made games: “Super Mario Odyssey,” “Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” and “Mario Kart 8” are all critically acclaimed top sellers.

But one of the best aspects of the Nintendo Switch is its ever-growing library of “indie” games from smaller-scale or independent publishers.

Nintendo lovingly calls these games “Nindies.”

Indie games are perfect for the Nintendo Switch. Since they tend to be smaller and not as visually complex as console games like “Call of Duty,” these games often run very smoothly on Nintendo’s hardware — and they’re affordable, too. But the best part is that you can take these addictive games with you: Unlike the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, any game you play on the Switch in your living room can also be played while on the go, which is perfect for long commutes or trips.

If you’re wondering where to start, these are the 13 best indie games for the Nintendo Switch that are worth your money: