Ninja, Tyler Blevins,Youtube / Ninja

Up until recently, it wasn’t that easy to figure out what exact PC and specs Tyler Blevins — most commonly known by his game streaming tag “Ninja” — uses to play Fortnite. 

Recently, Ninja teamed up with computer parts company NZXT to create “Ninja’s Build,” which includes all the parts you need to play “Fortnite” at Ninja’s all-important 125 frames per second. Unbox Therapy also released a video with the full rundown of Ninjas Build. 

There are a few things that aren’t quite accurate in NZXT’s Ninja’s Build, however. I spotted a few differences after checking out some brief moments where Ninja reveals his PC during his livestreams.

Check out Ninja’s real build, based on NZXT’s Ninja’s Build and his Twitch streams where he shows off his PC: