Gabe Newell Steam ValveValve cofounder and managing director Gabe NewellGetty

If you’ve used gaming platform Steam’s chat feature at any point in the recent past, you’ve probably noticed how outdated it was. 

With apps like Discord quickly taking over and offering people an easy way to talk to and message others while playing a game, Valve had some catching up to do with its aging chat system. The voice chat had poor-quality audio, there weren’t nearly as many features as Discord or other chat apps, and the design felt dated and clunky. 

But now, in an effort to compete with Discord and keep gamers on their platform, Steam has released an update to its chat app, Steam Chat. The update takes many cues from Discord, including a suspiciously similar user interface — but is it worth ditching Discord for? 

We compared the two apps to see which is better-suited for use while gaming.