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New Apple iPad Pro rumors: Face ID, smaller bezels, price prediction



5a6f2de117842566248b4dac 960 540A concept artist’s rendering of what a new iPad Pro could look likeMartin HajekThe iPad doesn’t sell as many units as its little brother, the iPhone, but it’s still a core product for Apple, and tens of millions are sold every year. 

It’s been over a year since Apple released new iPad Pros in June 2017, so it’s about the right time for Apple to update its lineup. 

Apple did release a new low-cost iPad, simply called “iPad” this past spring, but the iPad Pro line is where the company adds new features and cutting-edge technology.

There’s rumblings that Apple may release its new iPads this fall. The company usually announces new iPhones in September, and sometimes holds a spillover event in October for other products it didn’t get to during the iPhone launch.

Here’s what we think we know about the new iPads Apple’s been working on: 

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