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Never cook soggy pasta again thanks to this cheap kitchen gadget



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You know that old saying about how a watched pot never boils? What about a timed one?
You know that old saying about how a watched pot never boils? What about a timed one?

Image: Boiling Beeper

Staring at your pot until your water boils is like watching paint dry. It’s a complete waste of time — time that you could have spent doing something more worthwhile.

But those of us who have attention spans akin to a goldfish tend to forget our pots altogether when we leave them alone. And that results in over-boiled ravioli or cookware that’s damaged beyond repair.

How then, can you boil water without watching over it like a maniac? The answer is simple (and cheap, too): the Boiling Beeper, now available at the Mashable Shop for $17.99.

Check it out:

The Boiling Beeper is exactly what it sounds like. Made of FDA-approved food-safe material, it works with containers of all sizes. It’s a kitchen timer that you pop inside the pot, and beeps when the water has reached its boiling point of 212ºF. You’re then free to browse Instagram stories or perform other chores without worrying about over-boiling.

Once it beeps, you can safely hold it from the top handle that stays perfectly cool the whole time. Its built-in sensors also automatically turn on when wet and off when dry to save battery.

With the Boiling Beeper, you’ll have no excuse for cooking soggy pasta. Get it on sale today for $17.99 — 10% off the usual sticker price of $19.99.

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