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Netflix makes it easier to find new and upcoming movies and shows



Netflix launched an update that will make it easier to find the newest movies and shows — as well as keep track of future releases.

The new “Latest” tab has begun showing up on Netflix subscribers’ television menus. The feature provides users with a list of the newest releases (“Brand New”) on the video streaming service, along with what’s being released over the next two weeks (“Coming this week” and “Coming next week.”) 

Preview videos and movie trailers will accompany the upcoming Netflix releases. In addition, Netflix subscribers can click a “Remind Me” button which will send a notification to the user when the title is released.

If you use the video streaming service on a smart TV, a game console, or a streaming device like Apple TV or Google Chromecast, you should start seeing this new feature starting on Monday. According to , the feature started rolling out to some users last week. A similar feature is available on Android with a “Coming Soon” section. It’s also currently being tested on iOS.

The “Latest” tab will be curated based on each users’ preferences and will refresh throughout the day.

This is a welcome feature for users who can never seem to find that hot new release they’ve been waiting for on the day it comes out. 

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