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Nerf will sell toy guns modeled after one from “Fortnite”



Fortnite nerf
Nerf’s new AR-L Blaster, which is based on the in-game
weapon from “Fortnite.”


  • The game studio behind “Fortnite,” Epic Games, is
    teaming up with Nerf to make “Fortnite”-themed Nerf
  • Nerf teased the partnership on its Instagram, where it
    showed off one of the guns — an AR-L from
  • The toy will be available in June 2019, and will cost

If playing on nearly every game console wasn’t enough, you’ll
soon be able to play “Fortnite” in real life — sort of. 

Nerf just announced the release of a toy gun straight from the
“Battle Royale” game: the AR-L Blaster, which is based on the
in-game weapon and will cost $49.99. The toy will be
released in June 2019, according to IGN.

The AR-L Blaster will feature a 10-dart magazine (the darts are
made of foam), and will use four AA batteries, IGN
reports. In an Instagram post, Nerf advertised
motorized blasting action to create your own NERF Fortnite

It’s unclear whether Nerf plans to release additional
“Fortnite”-inspired toy guns. But Nerf is owned by toymaker
Hasbro, which has signed a licensing agreement with developer
Epic Games. The partnership has already yielded a “Fortnite” edition of
 that draws upon dozens of notable
locations from the “Fortnite” map. 

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