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Mozilla is redesigning its logo to represent its diverse products



Mozilla, the non-profit company best known for the Firefox browser and its progressive outlook on online privacy, is giving its fox logo a makeover.

The company announced in a blog that it would seek user input on creating a new design system. Post authors Madhava Enros, Sr. Director, Firefox User Experience and Tim Murray, Creative Director, Mozilla explained that it was revamping the “fast fox” logo to better represent the suite of products that it now produces. 

“Firefox is creating new types of browsers and a range of new apps and services with the internet as the platform,” Enros and Murray write. “With your input, we’ll have a final system that will make a Firefox product recognizable out in the world even if a fox is nowhere in sight.”

So, to the potential logos (which, Mozilla emphasizes, are very much works-in-progress). They’re both pretty cute. One stays foxy, just more geometrical. And the other leans in to the circle that the fox’s tail makes. It’s really a question if you like your fox head on, or from behind.



Fox tail of fire!

Fox tail of fire!

Mozilla asks its users to provide feedback in the comments of its blog post. But it stresses that this project is not crowdsourced, it is not taking anyone’s work for free, it is not a public vote, and that these iterations aren’t the final product. But, still, they want to know what you think!

The logo redesign shows how Mozilla has evolved from just a browser company. It has been one of the most outspoken, and, in terms of products, forward-looking companies, in terms of browser privacy. And it has VR, file sharing, and other to-be-disclosed projects in the works.

We just have one wish for Mozilla: stay foxy. b595 37b2%2fthumb%2f00001

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