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“Star Wars.” “Alien.” “The Terminator.” “Harry Potter.” All of these film franchises and more are anchored by some of the most iconic female characters of all time. 

DirecTV surveyed 1,003 people about who they thought were the most iconic female film protagonists ever and provided the results to Business Insider.

Below are the 17 characters people found the most iconic, ranked by the percentage of people that cited each character. Respondents were given a list of 70 female characters to vote on (here’s the full list), with a write-in option available.

The survey also asked people what films or franchises they would most like to see remade with female protagonists. The top result for films people would like to see with a woman in the lead role was the “James Bond” franchise with 15.4%, followed by “Indiana Jones” (13.8%), and “Mission: Impossible” (11.1%).

The top result for movies that people want to see remade with an all-female cast were “The Hangover” with 12.6%, followed by “Fight Club” (10.2%), and “Men in Black” (9.6%).

The results below are based on female and male votes, but broken down between men and women, the results were slightly different. Women found Leia Organa from “Star Wars” the most iconic, while men found Ellen Ripley from “Alien” the most iconic.

Below are the 17 most iconic film protagonists of all time, based on a DirecTV survey: