good omens“Good Omens” premieres on Amazon Prime Video in 2019.Amazon

  • Television-tracking app TV Time provided Business Insider a list of the most-anticipated new shows coming in 2019 that don’t have release dates yet.
  • They include HBO’s “Watchmen” and Netflix’s “The Witcher.”


As 2019 looms, viewers can expect the return of some fan-favorite TV shows, including the long-awaited third season of HBO’s “True Detective,” starring Mahershala Ali. 

But there are also plenty of new shows coming up that could become major hits that don’t yet have release dates, including HBO’s “Watchmen” and Netflix’s “The Witcher.”

To find out what audiences are most looking forward to, we turned to television-tracking app TV Time, which ranked the most-followed shows based on its over 13 million global users (the shows provided don’t have release dates yet).

The top eight most-anticipated news shows are below: