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Micellar water reviews: best products to remove makeup without water




After I went to Aava Piret in New York City to get my brows microbladed before my wedding in August, I was in love with my newfound brows. I mean, I actually had brows. They were defined and full, and I couldn’t wait to see how they’d look after they healed.

But I wasn’t in love with the fact that I couldn’t really wash my face properly as the brows healed in the weeks after the treatment. I wasn’t supposed to get the brows wet so I had to be really careful washing my eyes or forehead. After giving myself a headache trying to figure out how to do it, I decided that using micellar water was the best way.

I’ve used micellar waters on and off as part of my usual double-cleansing routine, but I usually follow up with a second cleanser. Since I couldn’t use a cleanser anymore, I had to rely on some well-reviewed bottles and cult favorites instead. Every morning and night, I’d soak two cotton pads with micellar water and sweep them over my face to get every trace of oil, dirt, makeup, and general grimy-ness.

Surprisingly, my paranoia of not being able to fully wash my face was just all in my head as my skin felt clean every time, and I didn’t get any breakouts from clogged pores or leftover dirt and oil. Maybe I’ll keep using micellar water after my brows are done healing.

Here are the five micellar waters I used while my microbladed brows healed:

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