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Mashable has an exclusive deal on CyberGhost VPN



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You'll struggle to find better.
You’ll struggle to find better.

Image: Pixabay

You deserve the best. We know you probably don’t need to be reminded of that but we thought we’d just put it out there.

You deserve a free, open, and safe internet, and you deserve the best deal to ensure that’s the case.

Mashable has teamed up with CyberGhost to bring you an exclusive deal on this highly-regarded VPN. This deal is pretty much the best out there, nothing less than you deserve. 

You can save 80% on CyberGhost with this exclusive offer, paying just £1.60 a month over the four years of the deal. You’ll be billed in one single instalment and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you a little reassurance, if you need it.

Not only will you struggle to find a better VPN deal on the market, but CyberGhost has some impressive features:

  • No logs  

  • No DNS leaks  

  • The strongest encryption available 

  • Automated WiFi protection  

  • Over 2800 servers in over 60 countries  

  • Covers up to seven devices  

You deserve the world, and a great deal on a VPN is a good place to start.

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