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Lenovo Yoga C630 claimed to have 25 hour battery life




  • Lenovo’s Yoga C630 can run for 25 hours without
    charging, the company claims. 
  • It runs on a mobile-style chip from Qualcomm, which
    makes chips for Android devices. 
  • That means it comes with support for mobile LTE
    networks, much like smartphones.
  • But is also means it might not be powerful for some
    people, and there’s no telling yet if it’ll run the apps you

Lenovo announced its new Yoga C630 laptop on Thursday that the
company claims has a whopping 25 hours of battery life.

Lenovo’s claim is based on a test that involved playing a video
stored in the device itself. That means there isn’t data
streaming or much power being used, apart from the screen itself.
Still, many companies use similar testing for making battery
claims, and none have come close to a 25-hour claim. 

To achieve such an incredible battery life, the Yoga C630 runs on
a Snapdragon 850 mobile-style chip from Qualcomm that has amazing
power efficiency. That also means it can connect to a carrier’s
mobile LTE network, much like a smartphone can. For reference,
the Snapdragon 850 is built on the ARM architecture of chips
that’s designed for low-power ultra-mobile uses. 

There is a potential catch. Lenovo’s C630 running on a
Snapdragon 850 chip might not run all the apps you want. 

The limitations of running on a mobile chips were clear in the
Miix 630, a previous Lenovo laptop that ran on the same chip in
high-end Android phones in 2017 — the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.
Reviews pointed out that the Miix 630 lacked compatibility with
certain apps that were available outside of the Windows Store.

Also, with that power efficiency comes limited power, at least
compared to computer chips from Intel and AMD. The Yoga C630
could be great for writing emails and using the web, but it’s
unlikely to run more power-hungry apps. 

It’s still unclear whether the Snapdragon 850 from Qualcomm will
remedy complaints from the Miix 630. If it does, the Yoga C630
could be the laptop of choice for people who need portability and
incredible battery life over anything else. 

The Yoga C630 will be available to buy in November for

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