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The best online courses for improving your interview approach, job-seeking skills, CV writing, and much more.

Venturing out and looking for the right job can be a little overwhelming, but if you approach your search with an open mind it could be potentially life-changing. 

But what’s the best way to approach a job application? There’s plenty to consider and a lot of work to be done if you want to be considered for most jobs. Your CV, cover letter, and interview skills are a great start, but a little extra guidance along the way definitely wouldn’t hurt your chances. 

Online career development courses can be a vital aid for those who are serious about finding the right job. Whether this is to improve your interpersonal skills, CV writing, or career prospects, an online course can be a valuable asset and help improve the chances of landing your dream role. 

There are a great variety of career development courses available, all of which can help inspire, motivate, and assist in your job-hunt. It’s time to speed up your job search and learn the very best ways to kickstart your career. 

To help, we’ve found what we consider to be some of the best career development courses available in the UK, all of which can provide an excellent foundation for your aspirations. 

Short and sweet • Lifetime access • Plenty of resources

This short and sweet course can help you discover who you are, and what you really want to do.

We all have to face a time in our lives when a decision needs to be made, and it’s an important one. Life-altering decisions can be challenging, but can also work out brilliantly.
A path is laid out before you with a world of possibilities all dependent on what you want to do. The Introduction to Your Career and Job Search course focuses on your passions, drive, and overall personality to help you find the perfect job. 
This course will get you acting more like a legitimate resource that can be utilised in the right working environments, rather than just another employee. Your unique skill-set will start to shine through, and working prospects will begin to look a lot more fitting. 
Containing one and a half hours worth of on-demand video, the course is short and sweet, but also packs nineteen extra downloadable resources to help you along the way. Start thinking less about what you do, and more about who you are. 

Lifetime access • Improve your CV quickly

Get straight to the point and learn how to improve your CV and LinkedIn skills.

CV and LinkedIn Optimisation

Find out how to quickly and easily improve your CV and LinkedIn presence using a few easy to learn tips and tricks.

Making your CV online friendly and optimised for LinkedIn is absolutely vital in the modern job market. 
This course is a quick and easy way to get your CV looking its absolute best in a short amount of time. Keep interviewers reading and interested in your career, and make sure your CV stands-out amongst the crowd.
Using a few simple techniques, you can start tailoring your CV to tell a tale of your career. This will then make the job you’re applying for seem like the next logical step in the road. 
With an informative video, two articles, and a useful resource sheet, you’ll quickly become a master of CV writing and find your LinkedIn presence has vastly improved. 

Comprehensive course • Lots of resources • lifetime access

A great course for those who want to perfect their interview skills.

With a 100% focus on interviews, this course is built to improve your interviewing success from the ground up. 
Master the skills it takes to tackle every interview and all the aspects that come alongside the rigorous process. This includes training on how to handle the 50 toughest questions that could pop up in any given interview. 
Not only does the course teach these different aspects effectively, but it also gives a clear guide on how to apply them to common interview situations, with everyday real-world examples as well. 
This comprehensive guide works on how to interview well and make the best first impressions possible, with a large resource pool and over six hours worth of video ready and waiting. 

Lots of video • Lifetime access

One of the best options for anyone looking to make it in the digital world.

Not everyone has to write a CV and interview to find their dream role. Some creative individuals can carve out their own path.
Using the internet to start gaining a consistent income can be a scary process and would normally put off most creatives. But, it is possible and there is a path to success if you start off on the right foot. 
With this Digital Creators course, you can start to understand the ins and outs of the digital workplace, and learn why it is the perfect place for creatives to make a career.
This course will clearly layout the most effective income streams you can find on the internet, and how to fully utilise them. This will start to create a clear vision on how you can monetise your creative passions, turning your love for art, music, videos, short stories, and more into a real career. 
This path is for those who are looking to do what they love all the time, rather than just in the free time allocated after slogging away at a full-time role. It won’t be easy, but this course is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Lots of resources • Easy to understand • Lifetime access

Predominantly for beginners

An easy to consume course on the best ways to network inside and outside your place of work.

Having a large and vibrant group of people in your working network can often be just as important as having a solid CV.
Sometimes it really is all about who you know, and having the right contacts can make the difference when it comes to moving into new career prospects. 
This course teaches you how to look beyond your own company and build key contacts wherever you go. The more people you know, the more opportunities can present themselves to you. 
Meeting new people is a key part of this course, and the perfect starting point for any budding worker who’s looking to start their own business, climb the ladder for a promotion, or simply grow their list of contacts for the future. 

All-in-one course • Lots of resources • Lifetime access

An all-in-one course that can set you on your working way in style.

Looking for everything in one easy to consume chunk? Then this is the course for you. Once you’re clear on what you actually want to do in life, you can take steps to guarantee your success. 
Focusing on using the very best CV, cover letter, and interview techniques to kickstart your career, this comprehensive complete career course takes 12 hours, contains more than 250 lectures, 67 easy to complete exercises, and 29 template downloads.
Each guide covers absolutely everything you need to master the core skills for the working world. Whether its interviews, cover letters, or online and social media presence, this course will help you improve your overall approach to job-seeking. 

Lots of resources • Lifetime access

Follow these simple steps to prepare yourself for a career change.

Not everyone makes the right decision on their first try. Changing careers has become more and more common in the modern world, and now it’s easier than ever to hop over onto a new career path and find success. 
You do need to prepare yourself correctly, otherwise you may find it to be a difficult transition.
Finding success in a career change holds a lot of pressure, but you can feel far more at ease with this handy guide on how to approach this new step in life. The Five-Step Approach to Career Change Success will help you navigate your career roadmap, and help you find a career that is truly fulfilling. 

Hours of video content • Plenty of resources • Lifetime access

Tackle the nerves of speaking up in the office with the help of this comprehensive course.

Once you’ve landed the job of your dreams, its time to start working on keeping it. Build your career from here and challenge every day with the right attitude. 
Communication can play a key part in a new working environment, and making your mark in the first few weeks can be just as important as your initial applications. 
Whether you’ve been at your work for five weeks or five years, effective communication amongst colleagues is absolutely vital to a calm, happy, and expressive working environment.
This course focuses on confidence building, prompt replies, and learning to read the room in order to present yourself in the best manner at all times. Utilise a calm and confident speaking manner to clearly layout thoughts and ideas with your team. 
Containing a massive 27-hours worth of online video, this guide works on all the skills and tricks you need to stay articulate and confident at the office in 2020. 

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