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Karen Pence learned to share housework by watching her daughter-in-law




Second Lady Karen Pence said she learned how to divvy up housework with Vice President Mike Pence through watching her daughter-in-law interact with her son.

Pence opened up about her marriage, as well as her son’s, in an interview with CNN about being an advocate for military families.

Her son, Michael Pence, Jr., married his wife Sarah in December 2016. They met in a political science course at Purdue University in Indiana, where Pence, Jr., studied flight before becoming a pilot in the Marine Corps.

“I learned about being a spouse from my daughter-in-law,” Karen Pence said. “She insists that [Michael] has his responsibilities in the house and she has hers. And I tend to say, ‘Oh, you know, the vice president is really busy, I’ll do this for him,’ and — really — it’s better if you don’t.”

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She added that Sarah Pence holds her son “accountable.”

Karen and Mike Pence have been married for nearly 34 years.

The second lady, who Mike Pence refers to as “Mother,” according to Rolling Stone’s extensive 2017 profile, has been a key player behind the vice president’s political career.

The vice president famously said in a 2002 interview that he refused to eat alone in a room with a woman who was not his wife, or attend events where alcohol would be served if his wife wasn’t present.

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