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Johnny Manziel calls himself an ‘ex-pro football player’ commercial




Johnny Manziel is back, but his pro football career might be over.

Manziel is starring in an ad campaign for Direct Auto insurance in which he refers to himself as an “ex-pro football player.”

The campaign is about giving drivers second chances after they have made “mistakes.”

The ads also feature former figure skater Tonya Harding and rapper Fat Joe.

Johnny Manziel, Tonya Harding, and Fat Joe are spokespersons for Direct Auto insurance.
Direct Auto

Manziel does appear to have one shot left at salvaging his playing career. He recently expressed an interest in joining the XFL. Specifically, Manziel would like play for the XFL franchise in Houston which is coached by June Jones, who also coached Manziel in the CFL.

It is still unclear if Manziel will be eligible for the XFL. Founder Vince McMahon stated that players with criminal records would not be permitted. However, Jones said he expected Manziel to be part of the draft pool.

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Manziel has not played in the NFL since 2015 when he started six games in his second season with the Cleveland Browns.

In addition to the CFL, Manziel also played briefly in The Spring League and the AAF. The latter recently folded in the middle of its first season.

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