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iPads, Chromebooks, Amazon Fire tablets all on sale this weekend



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Score $100 off a new iPad.
Score $100 off a new iPad.

Image: apple

We live in a time where tech giants are consistently releasing complex gizmos at an alarming rate, and it’s simply impossible to keep up with it all — sometimes being “in the know” about tech is too much of a chore. Instead of rolling the dice on a device that hasn’t yet reached the level of integrity you’re usually comfortable with, why not get something that’s tried and true? Something you know isn’t going to burst into flames upon boot-up. 

That’s why getting one of these laptops or tablets that are on sale is even more beneficial than you originally thought. Yeah, you’re going to save some money, which is great, but you’re also getting a product that has already been bought and tested by the masses. Check out these deals we found with confidence, including big savings on iPads, Chromebooks, Amazon Fire tablets, and many other options that are great for both work and play. 

Heck, you could even pick up one as a last-minute Mother’s Day or graduation gift — it’s the thought that counts, not the timing, right? Take a look:

Laptops $499 and below:

Laptops $500 to $999:

Laptops $1,000 and up:

  • — $2,203.95 (list price $2,223.48)

  • — $1,399 (list price $1,749)

  • — $1,233 (list price $1,451)

  • — $1,079.59 (list price $1,706)

  • — $1,799 (list price $2,399)

  • — $1,519 (list price $2,541.42)

  • — $2,025.59 (list price $3,116.29)

  • — $2,406.02 (list price $3,701.57) 

  • — $2,628.32 (list price $4,043.57)

Tablets on sale:

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