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Insider Inc. partners with Nielsen to more accurately measure audience



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Insider Inc. is excited to announce its collaboration with
Nielsen in helping more accurately measure the size of our
audience across platforms.

Comprised of INSIDER and more than a dozen Business Insider
editions around the globe, Insider Inc. prides itself on
providing the kind of storytelling and journalism that our users
crave, whenever and wherever they want it, on whatever platform.
For instance, INSIDER routinely gets hundreds of millions of
video views on Facebook. And Business Insider has a large and
growing audience on YouTube.

But as we noted a couple of years
ago, accurately measuring the size of our audience across the
many platforms where our content appears has become increasingly

In the absence of a more complete audience picture, publishers
have relied mostly on unique visitors (UVs) as the go-to metric
to compare size. While this approach made sense when audiences
primarily visited sites via their desktops, it falls woefully
short when audiences consume content across multiple competing
platforms. The growing prevalence of OTT video viewing only adds
confusion to the picture. Insider TV is our
platform-agnostic video platform that includes our first-ever OTT
offering and is scheduled to launch in the Fall.

That’s why Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings (DCR)
is so helpful — and timely.

DCR is a more comprehensive measurement of audiences’ content
consumption across digital devices and platforms and helps us get
closer than ever to more accurately capture the full scope of our

Screen Shot 2018 07 27 at 10.22.04 AMInsider Inc.

According to Nielsen, Insider Inc.’s audience is significantly
larger than was revealed by other audience measurement tools. In
fact, our June monthly US audience hit 115 million users. And
we’re especially pleased to be among the top five biggest media
properties when looking at tagged daily and monthly video views.

Each day, we reach an average of 21 million US-based viewers,
which includes nearly half of all US-based millennial men and
two-thirds of all millennial American women.

Insider by Unique Daily Reach — June 15 – July 15,

Source: Nielsen, Digital Content
Ratings, Daily data: 6/15/2018 – 7/15/2018; Monthly – Tagged,
Unique Audience: Business Insider; Video + Text, Combined video
type, P13+; Includes owned as well as distributed

Insider Inc. has more than 3 billion video views each
month[1], making it one of the world’s
leading producers of video content. Video is one key reason why
we’ve been able to attract such a large audience across
platforms. INSIDER this year launched two new Facebook Watch
series — Bonkers Closets and Travel Dares — and now has about a
dozen shows on the platform. In just the last week alone (July 9
– July 15)[2], an episode of Bonkers Closets:
“America’s Biggest Closet, Houston” reached 6.8 million unique
viewers in the US alone.

Insider Unique Audience by Demographic — June

SOURCE: Nielsen, Digital Content
Ratings, Brand: Business Insider; June 2018: 06/01/2018 –
06/30/18; Monthly – Tagged Computer & Mobile, UA, Video +
Text, Combined video type; Includes owned as well as distributed

We look forward to collaborating with Nielsen as we continue to
offer advertisers a unique way to buy today’s highly desirable
digital-native audience at scale — publishers’ “holy grail” —
while ensuring our partners’ ads appear in a brand-friendly

As our Chief Revenue Officer, Pete Spande, said when we announced
Insider TV: “Digital is the new primetime TV, and our goal is to
be ready for the radical shift in how video ads will be purchased
as well as consumed.”

[1] Source: Internal video viewership numbers
from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, MSN, and site, June

[2] Source: Nielsen, Digital Content Ratings, Brand:
Business Insider; Weekly data: July 9, 2018 – July 15, 2018;
Monthly – Tagged Computer & Mobile, Unique Audience: Combined
video type, P13+; includes owned as well as distributed

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