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Inside South Carolina’s $5 million ‘Eye of the Storm’ dome home: PHOTOS



eye of the storm dome house south carolina 20Michael Royal/Pareto Real Estate

South Carolina’s infamous dome-shaped home, dubbed “The Eye of the Storm,” has been listed for sale for the first time ever with a $5 million price tag.

The four-level, 4,047-square-foot home at 2851 Marshall Boulevard in Sullivan’s Island was built in 1991 and was designed with the proximity of Mother Nature in mind. Its features render the abode heavily resistant to hurricanes, hence the house’s name.

Pareto Group realtor Michael Royal, who is also the nephew of the home’s designer, told Business Insider that the home’s otherworldly shape has given it another nickname among locals: “The Star Wars Home.”

Take a look inside:

The story behind the dome-shaped “Eye of the Storm” home started with Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

The story behind the dome-shaped "Eye of the Storm" home started with Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Michael Royal/Pareto Real Estate

Dome-home aficionado and designer George Paul built the abode in 1991 after Hurricane Hugo took out his parents’ house. They wanted a home that would be invincible to the elements so that they “would have peace of mind for the rest of their lives,” according to the listing.

What resulted was the white concrete and steel shell of a home that can withstand deadly hurricanes coming in from the Atlantic.

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