goomicsManu Cornet


Google employees could probably use a good laugh about now. 

In recent weeks, President Donald Trump and his political allies have accused the company of trying to undermine political discourse. Earlier this year,  thousands of Google employees protested the company’s work with the military and later the possibility that managers may launch a censored search engine in China. 

“Goomics,” a new book that satirizes the company’s corporate culture, may provide the right amount of comic relief.   

Emmanuel “Manu” Cornet, a Google software engineer, artist and musician, is the book’s author and illustrator. Cornet is from France and started work at Google in 2007. 

Judging from “Goomics,” Cornet is also a keen observer of the company’s culture. Though he often takes a kid-glove approach when sending up his coworkers and bosses, his illustrations are still revealing about the company and its culture.  Through humor, he casts a light on what life is like working at one of the world’s most powerful, innovative and likely least understood  tech companies. 

Cornet, however, is at his funniest when he turns his attention to Google’s competitors, such as Apple, Microsoft and Oracle.  

We talked to Cornet about his life at Google, and his cartooning work. Here’s what he had to say.